"Will you come and follow me?"

This week during worship we looked at Luke 5:1-11, the calling of the first disciples, and we especially reflected on those passages using a hymn sometimes called "The Summons" or Will You Come and Follow Me.... Katie and Michael taught us each verse of the hymn and we talked about the individual questions the hymn asks, like "Will you leave yourself behind?" and "Will you love the you you hide?" which gave the scripture more context for me. We also talked about the calling of these disciples in relation to the Book of Jonah (which has also come up in the UWorship lectionary recently). Below is a meditation I wrote recently for those UKirkians using the UWorship lectionary... you can find ot

Play-ing Jesus with Play-Doh

The story found in Luke 4:13-30 is often referred to as Jesus’ rejection. After completing all his course work, being tempted by the devil, studying abroad, teaching in towns and synagogues, applying for graduation, and being “glorified by all,” Jesus had his homecoming in Nazareth. Jesus was swiftly reminded after spitting off his knowledge of Hebrew texts on the Sabbath day that you can’t just say, “Oh yeah, and all that prophetic text I just recited? That talks about the anointed one, or Messiah, and the great salvation that is to come? Yeah that’s me. I’m what you’ve been waiting for.” Needless to say, the synagogue was enraged, so they ran Jesus out of town and almost over a cliff. Wher


Are you ready to miixxxtaaape?! If you don't know what we're talking about... we're making a massive playlist of songs that are meaningful to us (but preferably not praise and worship type songs, since the Gospel of Luke, which we've been reading this semester, blurs the lines between the secular and sacred--that's what we mean by meaningful here--it's sacred to you, but not necessarily in a sacred hymnal). All UKirkians may participate, including but not limited to: students, board members, past and present, alumni... and you can add up to TWO songs. We'll have a listening party on November 16th! Filling out the Google form below is easy... Name: Lindsey, Song: Let it Be, the Beatles, Why:

"Citizen Christian?" Thoughts on a recent Belmont Convocation panel that UKirk hosted...

The story of David is a memorable one—a well known character in biblical narratives and a “man of God’s own heart” who commits remarkably unethical acts while in a position of power. It’s also a familiar story that reads like a House of Cards script. Faith and politics is, indeed, a curious topic. King Saul is an early account of this volatility, and Jesus himself was the victim of a political execution. Last night, we explored themes surrounding faith and politics during Belmont’s Faith and Justice week. Panelists included (pictured left to right): Rev. Warner Durnell, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, Rev. Stacy Rector, Executive Director of Tennesseans for Alterna

Time to Register for Montreat College Conference!

Looking for something to restore hope? How's about a little HOME?! #puntimes ...It's time to register for College Conference! The theme is Home. Click the pic for more info: there are a number of diverse speakers and fun times planned. But we can't register you with our group without at least a little of your cash in hand. The deposit is $150, most of which goes directly to Montreat to save your space at the conference... and the balance will be $100, which covers your meals and transportation (we can lower the cost if you aren't riding both ways with us, of course). UKirk covers your housing, and we know $250 is still a lot of money to come up with between now and finals (when final monies

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