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A Faithful Finish: May Updates

It's hard to believe that another school year is ending on our campuses. It's been a good one! Read on for UKirk Nashville's ministry highlights, information about upcoming events, ways to pray, and more from campus minister Claire Berry.


March and April were wonderfully busy! Our students, board, friends, and supporters gathered in late March for Soul & Spirits, UKirk Nashville's annual fundraiser. If you weren't able to join us, I encourage you to consider supporting UKirk and explore giving options today. In April, we celebrated Holy Week and Easter with local congregations and honored graduating students with a special celebration.

You can read more in our recent newsletter. By the way, if you'd like to receive our newsletter bimonthly, email me (Claire) at

Our school year came to an exuberant end with a final worship service honoring graduates.

One further piece of news is that UKirk Nashville has elected its Student Leadership Council for 2022-2023. I'm grateful for these students' willingness, commitment, and variety of gifts!

  • Rachel Boorse, Belmont '23, Co-President

  • Claire Doshier, Vanderbilt '23, Co-President

  • Jacob Hoekwater, Belmont '24, Vice-President

  • Emily Meadow, Vanderbilt '23, Secretary

  • Sydney Bagley, Belmont '23, Treasurer

  • Audrey Lingan, Vanderbilt '25, Member-at-Large

Upcoming Events

Over the summer, many of our students travel home or study abroad; others remain in the Nashville area to take classes or work. The board and student leaders are planning informal gatherings that will keep our community in touch as much as possible.

In August, we'll be on campus for student organizational fairs and recruitment. If you know a student who's headed to Vanderbilt, Belmont, or another Nashville college or university in the fall, I encourage you to share our Instagram page with them and invite them to look out for us during orientation! I'm also happy to be contacted through our website or at the email address above.

Prayer Requests

Please pray...

  • For newly elected student leaders as they explore and lean into new responsibilities in our ministry.

  • For students who are experiencing the uncertainty, wonder, and struggle of personal transformation and growth.

  • For all students as they work, travel, study, and otherwise embark on new experiences this summer.

  • For UKirk Nashville's entire community--students, board, friends, alums, and partner churches--as we continue to grapple with life pre-post-pandemic (or whatever you want to call the current state of our world!).

  • For UKirk's national organization, which is seeking to support and empower collegiate and higher education ministries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) all over this country.

  • For peace, truth, and justice to prevail in our world.

Wishing you every blessing in Christ,


Rev. Claire Berry

Campus Minister & Executive Director

UKirk Nashville


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