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We made it through some big winter storms and we've had some moments that even feel a bit like spring! I'm really enjoying the materials we're using from our friends at this Lent. They're using the phrase "again and again" a lot in their art, poems, and words for worship... and it's making me feel better about the complaints I have about having to do the dishes, again and again, and having to put a coat on to go outside, because it's still cold, again and again, and, of course, forgetting that I left my mask in the car, again and again... but it's also reminding me of all the places that God shows up, again and again. There's a big tree just outside the UKirk office window at Vanderbilt and again it's getting ready to flower.

This week we got to spend time with our friends at Belmont Bridge Builders (which is a faith based student organization on campus focused on serving LGBTQIA+ students and exploring issues that are important to them), like we try to do each year, and it was great--even though (again) it was on Zoom, so it was a bit different. One of our former Campus Ministry Fellows, Rev. Lee Catoe (now at, came and spent some time talking to us about queer theology and self-care and what it might look like to care for ourselves while also focusing on bringing about a more just church and world. These are the things UKirk does and I'm thankful for that again and again. Thanks for being with us. Peace, Lindsey


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