Lent and St. Paul

This week we prepared for Lent by looking at one of the paintings and scripture reflections from the Sanctified Art "Unraveled" Series, pictured above, that we've been using in worship this year. We began by unpacking a few of the terms that we often hear repeated during Lent--like "Lent" (which simply means "spring"), "Ash Wednesday" and fasting... it was interesting to see that we all had different understandings of what these words, days, seasons and practices mean and are supposed to mean. We also talked about what we might want Lent to mean to us this year--if we were thinking about giving things up or taking something on as part of our practice. And it was especially eye opening to th

Remembering something you want to carry with you...

Last week, I preached on Micah 6.1-8 during our weekly time of worship at UKIRK. If you need a refresher, Micah 6.1-8 contains the verse that’s been referred to as a “prophetic punchline” – the call to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.” Many of us are likely familiar with this verse (and have probably seen it painted on crafty sign of some sort). Rather than delve into those specifics of what it means to “do justice”, “love kindness”, and “walk humbly with God”, we talked about about God’s call for the Israelites to remember specific “saving acts of the Lord” – delivery from slavery in Egypt, the story of King Balak and Balaam (the Israelites were repeatedly blessed when

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