UKirk Mixtape Vol. 4!

We've had a great couple weeks back to school, including coffees, dinners, a discussion about Moses from the Unraveled worship series... and we got to go visit our friends at UKirk MTSU! We had dinner with them and during worship created the fourth volume of our UKirk Mixtape... for each volume we've had a theme: one year we picked songs about change, another year we picked songs about summer, and this year we picked songs we thought went along with the Unraveled series both UKirks have been using. It was great to hear songs that people thought went with the different scriptures we've read together and the paintings we've pondered... you can find the UKirk Mixtape on Spotify, if you'd like t

Soul and Spirits

It's a new year and therefore we are busy prepping for our annual celebration of UKirk and big thank you to donors and volunteers: Soul and Spirits! It's just a month away and we can't wait. All are welcome to join us for drinks, dessert and appetizers, live music from our students, short stories, and a fun raffle... everyone gets a free entry simply for stopping by. Don't miss it! February 13th, 5:30pm-7:30pm, at the Cookery on 12th Ave.

Happy New Year from Montreat!

We had a great time together on our annual trip to Montreat for College Conference... the theme this year was Sabbath, and we really got into it by discussing what scripture says about Sabbath, how we each like to Sabbath, and practicing Sabbath through meals with friends, s'mores, and worship. We also slept in pretty late one morning and so enjoyed not having a schedule! It was a wonderful way to start the year together.

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