Soul and Spirits

Thank you to everyone who joined us for another great Soul and Spirits... a chance to celebrate 81 years of campus ministry in Nashville! If you missed it, we'd still love to get you one of our new tee shirts. Send us a note saying you donated, and we'll make sure to get you one as soon as possible. The best way to learn more about all the ways you can give to UKirk, is to click the "Donate" tab above.

Following Jesus: The Call to Confront Oppression Anywhere and Everywhere

This week at UKirk, rather than do our typical dinner-then-worship routine, we combined them for a night of dinner liturgy. We moved through the elements of worship as we ate our great meal provided by Woodland Presbyterian Church. We confessed our sins over chili, had a longer passing of the peace, and talked about what the golden rule might mean in our context. We highlighted the recent ending to the months long worship service held by a Dutch church in order to protect members of their community from deportation. Then we moved into a conversation led by our friend Lyndsey Godwin about oppression... what is it, what it means, and what Jesus might have to say about it. We all got a little u

Soul and Spirits is this month!

Our annual get together and thank you for campus ministry supporters is this month! Don't miss the great refreshments, sparkling conversation, and giveaways...

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