Fancy Pizza and Faithful Protest

This week as we approached Holy Week, the close of Lent, and with the recent increase in student activism as a part of the "March for our Lives," we discussed faithful protest over a fancy pizza supper... We asked questions like "when should Christians protest?" and "how do we know when we should protest?" And we tried to think about what faithful protest would look like. As we reflected on the many parables we've read this semester, we thought about what it might mean to be a good neighbor in protest, which could lead you to participate in a protest or to avoid one. Many UKirkians have marched in the Women's March and the March for Our Lives and have written emails, letters and postcards to

The Parable of Many Characters

The Parable of the Prodigal Son (title to be changed later) is often read on its own and in the context of repentance, which is a big part of this season of Lent. However, this week we invited students to rethink this parable by reading it along side the two preceding it: the parable of the lost sheep and the parable of the lost coin. The parable of the lost sheep is about someone who takes care of 100 sheep when one goes missing. This person goes to find that sheep while leaving the other 99 behind - sounds kind of irresponsible to me. Sheep are not smart creatures those 99 are gonna get lost. In the context of repentance…sheep don’t repent…they aren’t the most intelligent of creatures (b

#UKirkMixtape Vol. 2 is here!

The past few weeks we've been collecting new songs for the #ukirk mixtape... for this volume we asked y'all to add a song that reminds you that you've changed, since Lent is a season that honors our ability to change. We got some great submissions, including Avril Lavigne, Kenny Loggins, Britney Spears, David Bowie, Trisha Yearwood, Chance the Rapper, and even a surprising television theme... Thank you for sharing these songs and stories with us. We had a blast hanging out and listening with our friends at MTSU this week. And you can continue listening with us on Spotify... Click the mixtape above, or find the link on our social medias.

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