Merry Christmas to all... and Happy New Year, too!

We mailed all our newsletters (if you're a supporter and wanted a hard copy and didn't get one or if you're a student and wanted your parents to get one, let us know so we can make sure it happens next year!), had all the final study sessions, helped students get out of town, and now we're well into Christmas break... and it's a wonderful time for reflection and rest, as we celebrate God with us! We're especially grateful for the moments of 2017 that reminded students God is with us, and that the church is with them, too. And if you're a supporter of campus ministry, we wish you a Happy New Year, and we wish that you'll join us as we say "THANKS" and keep it up at our annual cocktail party o

Advent is here!

This week after an awesome dinner we chatted about Advent... we reflected on what it means to wait for the Incarnation, for Christ to be born, for God to be with us... and we talked about why we often want to skip to Christmas, instead of really experiencing Advent... we also gave out some awesome "words for waiting," that is, the Advent devotional that many a Southern UKirk contributed to--you can follow along online: We'll be using these at our coffees for the remainder of the semester :) and if you would prefer a hardcopy they'll be at our last dinner of the semester this week on Thursday! 6:30pm, St. Augustine's Chapel.

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