MLK Weekend 2019

This last week we celebrated MLK Weekend along with many other students and residents throughout the city... those of us who could make it outside in the cold for long enough anyway ;) A valiant group of us made it through icy driveways and out of our dorm rooms to Downtown Presbyterian Church for worship on Sunday, where Pastor Mike preached an apt sermon about how even though MLKs' dreams and Isaiah's prophecies aren't yet true, there is still prophecy within each of us. And we were reminded of that as we headed over to Woolworth's, to lunch where a group of four, then 19, then 85, and as many as 124 college students, Black and white, including Congressman John Lewis, sat and were willing

Why is music so important to us?

This last week, as we returned from breaks and Montreat we talked about music; 'twas time to talk about this tune, given that we've been talking about worship all year... Often when we're talking about worship, people think we are talking about music, especially because we live in Nashville ;) but this year, we've been talking about worship as a life practice and those things in our lives that are worship. Music is certainly worship. In fact, in the Presbyterian tradition, we consider music as important as preaching. Music is, in a sense, a type of preaching, a way of explaining the world around us, things that hurt and save us, and texts that are holy. This helps me understand why it's so i

Mon-treat yo' self!

Last week we journeyed with hundreds of students from the U.S., and 30+ of us from Middle Tennessee, to... Montreat! It was their annual college conference and the theme was "compassionate community"... we got to learn from speakers like Eboo Patel and local prison chaplains and activists, and a great preacher, Rev. Aisha Brooks Lytle... we had some wonderful discussions about scriptures like the Good Samaritan, and focused on God's promises of mercy, which we should exemplify within ourselves and how we interact with others. Some of us also built an impressive puzzle, a moderately sized fire, and we ate a lot, a lot of great food. Success! :)

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