Career and Calling

This week we heard from local counselor, minister and spiritual director, Rev. Janet Salyer. Janet came to speak with us specifically during Belmont's annual Career and Calling week to talk to us about vocation... Janet reminded us that vocation comes from the Latin word for voice, which helped us think about career as a journey of listening to the still small voice of where God may be calling us. We centered our discussion of career and calling in our continued study of Luke... last week we talked about the Parable of the Good Samaritan, where Jesus calls us to a life of mercy, and not just a single act of mercy. Similarly, we are called to a life of listening for where God is calling us, w

New semester, same UKirk! Weee'rrree baaack...

After a week of snow days and delays (a few of us did get to go to a great hockey game mid-snow-week, though, thanks to our friends at Trinity Church!), we were glad to be back together again for dinner and a brief chapel style worship, as is our custom, on Thursday nights... we're continuing in our study of Luke this year, and for the next several weeks, we will be focusing on parables, since there are several in Luke's Gospel. We started with what is probably the most well-known parable... the parable of the Good Samaritan... and we talked about all the ways that we misunderstand the story, including the stereotypes different readers have added to various characters in the story. We tried

Home at Montreat

We had another great trip to North Carolina for the annual College Conference at Montreat... the theme was HOME and we enjoyed discussing what "home" means to us, and there was a lot we felt we could continue to talk about and process especially in regards to hospitality and welcome. And in the spirit of a welcome home, we enjoyed an open house with hot cider, on a cold night, welcoming several students from our home state, including folks from Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga and more, as seen in the funny-fuzzy picture above.

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