More Sacred Screen Time

The last two weeks we've continued to meet on Zoom for our usual Thursday nights... and we're continuing our conversation on how screens can be sacred. In a time when we're all having to spend more time on laptops than we'd like and while we're often on social media now as our only social outlet, we discussed what our screen time might be like if we thought of it as prayer. What if we thought of our own social media as prayer? How would we hear ourselves? And like the Apostle Paul saying to the Romans that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we don't know what to pray (8:26), what if we saw others' posts as prayer? Perhaps we are even more connected than the internet leads us to believe!

The Sacred Screens

We had our first UKirk Thursday of the fall 2020 semester this week... we met on Zoom but tried to include many of the classic UKirk Thursday elements we'd have in person, like an awkward silence avoider, shared dinner (now delivered to each student via local establishments), thoughtful discussion and prayer, and a lot of laughter. As the fall continues, we hope to include some music, communion, and other worship elements, as possible. But this week we focused on discussing the sacredness of our screens. Before Covid, many of us spent time trying to spend less time on our laptops, phones, and social media, but now that so many things are on Zoom and social media platforms, that's nearly impo

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