Defense Against the Dark Arts: fall has bright and lovely colors, but it also gets real dark outside

We shared this blog post last year after the time change... and we want to share it again, this year, before the time change. It gets really dark in Tennessee during the fall months. And we should pay attention to how this can mess with our minds, especially with all the bonus anxiety on the airwaves for the elections... These are some defenses and we'll be doing more to pay attention to them together in the coming weeks. Peace! Now that we've "fallen back" it can really feel like we've fallen back... it gets dark in Nashville about about 4:30pm, and that can feel like a fall to the ground for our bodies, minds, and souls. We talked about Sabbath last week, the act of intentional rest, and w

Some Fall Break Reading and Listening...

We don't have dinner or worship this week because of fall breaks, but we do have some things you can read, or listen to, by UKirkians, Lee Catoe and Meredith Cox... we also added a cool Worship Guide, from our friends at UKirk Ole Miss, to continue our worship theme for this year... check out these great resources for renewal and enjoy your rest!

Jesus is coming for dinner...

This week we used Matthew 25 to talk about service - how and why we do it - and how it is a part of our worship. We thought about what if we treated each other as sacred and how that can shift our ideas about service. That might mean that we recognize the image of God in others or perhaps see ourselves within others. We also discussed how Christians should think of service as an opportunity to meet Jesus (rather than an obligation for salvation). If Matthew tells us that how we treat the "least of these" on the margins of our society is directly aligned with how we treat God, then how does that affect the way we walk in the world? Although we are busy and stressed and settled into our routin

The Presbyterian Mission and Ecumenical Women at the United Nations Y'all, check this out. I went this spring and I'm so glad I did... if you can go or know someone who can go... do it! UKirk can help you get there. We'll be doing an information session of sorts during our usual Wednesday coffee hour on October 24th... United Nations Day, which is a real holiday if you ask me! :)

the Lord's Prayer

As we continue in our study of Matthew and the elements that make up our worship, this week we focused on the Lord's Prayer... like the sacraments, which we discussed the week previous, this is something that Jesus tells us explicitly to "do"... but He doesn't really offer much else explanation... so, when He says "pray this way" does He mean, these exact words? What about all the different translations then? Or does He mean, pray this type of structure, like how the prayer in itself seems to contain an entire mini-worship service, a praise, a confession of sin, a prayer for continued well being? We didn't come up with a list of answers, but we did enjoy talking about these questions!

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