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Jesus is coming for dinner...

This week we used Matthew 25 to talk about service - how and why we do it - and how it is a part of our worship. We thought about what if we treated each other as sacred and how that can shift our ideas about service. That might mean that we recognize the image of God in others or perhaps see ourselves within others. We also discussed how Christians should think of service as an opportunity to meet Jesus (rather than an obligation for salvation). If Matthew tells us that how we treat the "least of these" on the margins of our society is directly aligned with how we treat God, then how does that affect the way we walk in the world? Although we are busy and stressed and settled into our routines, we are called to show up and do more.

As a response, some of us were able to serve this weekend at a Habitat House (thanks to our friends at First Pres. Nashville!) and with the Burrito Ministry downtown (alongside our pals from UKirk MTSU)... it was a wonderful experience and we look forward to hosting more opportunities like this as the year goes on!

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