Thanksgiving for Mixtapes

This week we gathered with our fellow UKirkians from MTSU for a great meal provided by Westminster Presbyterian Church (served by some of their youngest peeps, which was so fun!), and the the table was sooo big and the room was so full, it was hard not to think about Thanksgiving. We don't know really what happened at the first Thanksgiving... and there are a lot of mis-givings about that, but it's easy to celebrate coming together with multiple groups of people from multiple schools, states, and walks of life, when you're enjoying a fellowship like that. It was a dinner to remember! After dinner we had our first ever #UKirkMixtape listening party... listening party seems like maybe not the

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Tips on How to Thrive During Winter (or CST)

Now that we've "fallen back" it can really feel like we've fallen back... it gets dark in Nashville about about 4:30pm, and that can feel like a real shove to the ground for our bodies, minds, and souls. We talked about Sabbath last week, the act of intentional rest, and we mentioned ways to sabbath and, similarly, ways to fight the darkness of winter (not unlike, say, a Defense Against the Dart Arts class at Hogwarts ;). Here's a few we mentioned, plus tried and true favorite practices we've done at UKirk before. Rewrite a psalm or a song in your own words... darkness can make us feel pretty drained and defeated, so, coming up with our own words for how we feel could be quite the battle. So

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