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Thanksgiving for Mixtapes

This week we gathered with our fellow UKirkians from MTSU for a great meal provided by Westminster Presbyterian Church (served by some of their youngest peeps, which was so fun!), and the the table was sooo big and the room was so full, it was hard not to think about Thanksgiving. We don't know really what happened at the first Thanksgiving... and there are a lot of mis-givings about that, but it's easy to celebrate coming together with multiple groups of people from multiple schools, states, and walks of life, when you're enjoying a fellowship like that. It was a dinner to remember!

After dinner we had our first ever #UKirkMixtape listening party... listening party seems like maybe not the right term, because it was still basically set up like a worship service, including communion with an original song by a Murfreesboro band playing during the meal ("One" by ZUG)... worship with speakers and Spotify, instead of a guitar or a piano, or even our own singing voices.

It was incredibly interesting and moving to hear a handful of the many songs folks put on our shared playlist (which you can find on Twitter or Facebook), and to hear others react to said songs. Some of us put songs on the playlist that brought us joy or empowered us, others added tunes we relied on in times of sorrow, some of added older songs, and some newer songs, with some choice words that made others uncomfortable; but we listened charitably, and made it together, formation-ally. Amen.

We took this photo afterward, doing the best we could and using whatever was available to us... so, on a self-timer, sitting on a baked ziti, just like the pilgrims would have ;)

Dinner with MTSU

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