Advent continues... with our end of the semester party!

In the last days, before finals, there was a hum of anxiety that hung around all week, and a big Advent night seemed like such a great way to end the semester. We had a huge dinner spread, provided by our board who also went all out with the decorations. In worship, we read Matthew's story of the wise men who came to visit and bring gifts to Jesus. We talked about what Mary and Joseph would have done with such glamorous gifts and labeled the wise men (who may have been men or women or astrologers or just random people, we don't know: we weren't there!) as helpers. One of the most well known pastors, who wasn't actually known for his being a pastor, Mr. Rogers, taught us to always "look for t

See the signs? Advent is here...

The students are busy prepping for finals and we're busy helping them remember that Advent comes before Christmas! It's not Christmas yet. It's Advent; the weeks before Christmas when we reflect on the coming Emmanuel. Last week we chatted with students about what this meant for Joseph, looking at the first chapter of Matthew... Joseph basically had to make the dangerous decision to be Mary's husband and Jesus' father. We don't know much about his thought process, but we know it would've been a difficult thing to imagine! Ahem, your betrothed being pregnant by the Holy Spirit isn't something that happens all the time. We also talked about how this means Joseph basically adopted Jesus, since

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