Still Worshipping Together

This week we continue our Lenten reflections while we're socially distanced from each other, using Visio Divina. Visio Divina, meaning “divine seeing “similar to Lectio Divina, “divine reading,” which we’ve done also before…Visio Divina is a way for us to slow down and listen to a passage while meditating on an image that compliments the scripture. We’ve done four or five of these together as a group this year, so the prompts and instructions should hopefully be somewhat familiar. If this is your first time doing this practice, don’t worry. There isn’t a perfect way to do this – the main goal is to slow down, sit with scripture, and allow the text and artwork to illuminate thoughts and feeli

Pharaoh and the Pandemic

We'll miss being together tonight for our usual Thursday gathering. We'll miss catching up over dinner and our time in the chapel... but we've put a worship meditation together, drawing from the Sanctified Art series we've been following, and we hope it will bring meaning to today. For the next few weeks we will be practicing visio divina together and we'd love to know what you think. Visio Divina, “divine seeing”: similar to lectio divina, “divine reading,” which we’ve also done before… this is a way of slowing down, listening to a passage or allowing yourself to read more slowly, as well as meditating on an image… we have done four or five of these together as a group this year, so the pro

Tornados, Pandemic, Lent

We've had a wild start to the wilderness that Christians have often used to describe Lent... at the beginning of the month, not long after Ash Wednesday, while several UKirk students were away on spring break doing volunteer work or visiting family, there were multiple tornados in Nashville. It was a very scary night for our city, and there will be months of work to do in order to fully recover... thankfully, the students who were in town were not in the path of the storm, and it doesn't seem that any of the colleges took a direct hit. Many students, in fact, have been giving to the city's relief efforts. Not even a week after that though, we began receiving announcements about all the diffe

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