Teenage/Not the Baby Jesus

Here's a summary of Lee's message from our Thursday dinner and worship this week. It was a good one. We enjoyed a baked potato bar and brownies! Last week, we got into a very awkward passage of scripture about the conception of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. This week Luke provides a narrative of Jesus as a little 12 year old boy. The story that Luke tells us is supposed to be a little humorous and a little scary all at the same time... Jesus gets left by his parents, but he does it on purpose. Jesus seems mischievous and weird. Other gospels depict the adolescent Jesus being even more sneaky and strange (something Luke may not have liked). The Gospel of Thomas (a gospel, but not one that made

UKirk Hurricane Helps

Hey there! Don't forget we're helping those affected by the recent hurricanes by taking up a collection of items for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (in addition to the offering we sent a couple weeks ago)... here's a list of items we're collecting. Please stick to the list since the folks at PDA are experts and know what's needed. We will pack these items up together on September 28th, during dinner and worship, and send them with our pals from First Presbyterian Church of Nashville! -hand towels (approximately 16" x 28", no bath towels) -washcloths (UKirk will get a lot of the towels and washcloths, since they're harder to find) -wide-tooth combs -nail clippers -bars of soap (bath si

...second UKirk (we)blog!

We are really humming along with this weblog. Do you still not know what a weblog is? See previous post for explanation. Anyway... this week at coffees we talked about how people react to public tragedies (things like: natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and tragedies that are experienced by larger groups of people). The UKirk app was in the last few chapters of the Gospel of Mark, talking about Jesus' death, and we looked at that as a public tragedy and thought about how the way people reacted to that has reverberated all through history. At another coffee conversation this week we just chatted and read the prayer for the day. It was nice to catch up. The prayers we wrote together for the

new UKirk (we)blog!

Starting this fall UKirk is going to web-log... did you know blog is short for web-log? It's okay, Lindsey didn't either, until she was in her late 20s and saw it in a book and was like, "OHHHH, that makes so much sense." We think a weblog makes a lot of sense for UKirk, too. We won't be creating new content here, we'll simply be logging what we've been up to on the website. So, if you missed a weekly coffee conversation that was cool or a worship or service project you wanted to be at but couldn't, we'll try to keep you up to speed here! (For example!) This week was our first worship of the fall semester! And it was so great to see everyone, old and new friends, celebrate the new year/our n

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