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new UKirk (we)blog!

Starting this fall UKirk is going to web-log... did you know blog is short for web-log? It's okay, Lindsey didn't either, until she was in her late 20s and saw it in a book and was like, "OHHHH, that makes so much sense." We think a weblog makes a lot of sense for UKirk, too. We won't be creating new content here, we'll simply be logging what we've been up to on the website. So, if you missed a weekly coffee conversation that was cool or a worship or service project you wanted to be at but couldn't, we'll try to keep you up to speed here!

(For example!) This week was our first worship of the fall semester! And it was so great to see everyone, old and new friends, celebrate the new year/our new t-shirts (Did you get one?! Let us know if you didn't!!!), and have hot chicken. Mmmmmm, hot chicken. We talked about how the UKirk Lectionary this year is in Luke, and Luke is a favorite gospel of many. It has an eye for social justice that is helpful for this time in our country, and Luke is really human; you can see where he's trying to make sense of what Jesus is up to... just like the characters in Pretty Little Liars (or so Lindsey tried to explain to us). You can read what we read by simply reading the first few sentences of the Gospel of Luke. And that's all you missed. That and hot chicken. Oh man, you did miss it.

In other news... at coffee this week we rewrote Psalm 12, from the UKirk App, using emojis! And it was neat to think about how emojis are a new universal language. We also talked about how fun but also weird it is that the psalms talk about trees clapping their hands and singing for God. What's that mean when the leaves fall?!? ;)

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