Last UKirk of the Semester!

Traditionally, pre-pandemic, our last UKirk of the semester is a time when we celebrate all our students have accomplished, most especially our graduates: we have an extra festive dinner and time of worship, including photos of students plastered all over the dining room... We obviously couldn't do that this week, the last week of class, but we had the best time that we could! We still collected photos of our graduates from age 1 to now and we plastered them all over our social media accounts: feel free to check those out if you need a warming giggle today. We enjoyed looking at them and celebrating our seniors' stories during a special time together on Zoom. We look forward to being able to

Easter Alone Together

For the past several years, we've attended worship at one of the local churches that support UKirk on Easter, and then had students over for brunch... we've done this on sunny Easters, when we could even have an egg hunt in the yard... and we've done this on rainy Easters, when we were huddled inside. We've done it in years when there were lots of students--because not a lot of folks could go home because Easter was so close to finals, and we've done it with just a half a dozen or so students, when lots of folks were away for the holiday. This year is different, of course, since we are apart and so much has changed during this holy season. But though it may not feel like Easter, Christ is st

Holy Week at Home

As a part of our Holy Weeks at home, one of our students, Betsy Black, has provided us with some photos to help us reflect on these days... we used one, seen above, as we observed Palm Sunday, traditionally a time of song and shouts of praise for the arrival of Jesus, but now a much quieter holiday... and we have another photo featured in our meditation for Good Friday, below. During Maundy Thursday, we gathered on Zoom with UKirk MTSU, and discussed the meaning of Maundy Thursday (it sounds a bit like a week that starts with Monday but skips Tuesday and Wednesday)... Maundy comes from the Latin for "mandate," as this day celebrates the command Jesus gave us to love one another. We washed ou

"Zacchaeus, come down immediately."

As we approach Holy Week, this is our last Lenten meditation... Jesus approaches Zacchaeus as he, too, approaches Holy Week. We hope this practice offers some comfort to you this day. Visio Divina, “divine seeing” is similar to Lectio Divina, “divine reading,” which we’ve done before. Visio Divina is a way for us to slow down and listen to a passage while meditating on an image that compliments the scripture. We’ve done some of these together as a group this year, so the prompts and instructions should hopefully be somewhat familiar. If this is your first time doing this practice, don’t worry. There isn’t a perfect way to do this – the main goal is just to slow down, sit with scripture, and

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