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Holy Week at Home

As a part of our Holy Weeks at home, one of our students, Betsy Black, has provided us with some photos to help us reflect on these days... we used one, seen above, as we observed Palm Sunday, traditionally a time of song and shouts of praise for the arrival of Jesus, but now a much quieter holiday... and we have another photo featured in our meditation for Good Friday, below.

During Maundy Thursday, we gathered on Zoom with UKirk MTSU, and discussed the meaning of Maundy Thursday (it sounds a bit like a week that starts with Monday but skips Tuesday and Wednesday)... Maundy comes from the Latin for "mandate," as this day celebrates the command Jesus gave us to love one another. We washed our hands together, as a symbol of Jesus' washing the disciples' feet, we prayed, and together we considered how we might love our neighbors when we know we need to keep a safe distance from our neighbors. It was a somber conversation and meditation at times, but we got in some laughs, too, as we always do! We are so proud of the students we know and their resilience during this time.

You can see more of Betsy's photography at:

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