Prayer of Thanksgiving

Last week was full of highs and lows that felt like they just kept coming... We started out the long week with preparing for the midterm elections and knowing that we would have to show up for students no matter what the outcome looked like. Right after the election results came in, we awoke on Thursday morning to the tragic California shooting at the Thousand Oaks bar... that was full of college students. Knowing this would affect each of our students differently, we organized prayer stations so that students could participate in what they needed and engage in unique ways to hear from God. We ate at the big table, like we usually do on nights when we take communion... we ate a delicious cas

All Saints Day and Suicide Prevention Training

This week, as a part of our worship, we hosted a suicide prevention training... we realize that this isn't a fun topic to talk about... but it's an important one, especially for young adults. Christy Ridings, Belmont's Director of Spiritual Formation, trained us in QPR, which stands for... Question, Persuade, and Refer. It's not unlike CPR, and we talked about how in a situation where CPR would be needed, we wouldn't hesitate, and so we shouldn't hesitate in (or attach stigma to) a situation where QPR may be needed. We have some truly handy brochures, if you missed it, or you can learn more about QPR here: Another day that some of us may have missed in the flurry of

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