The August-SeptemBLUR.

...The time between when school starts in August and fall breaks in early October is often a blur of welcoming new faces, starting new classes and projects, and generally just being amazed, and truly overwhelmed, at the speed at which time seems to fly... we're grateful to be able to offer students and ourselves a space for peace and rest, and that's what we've focused on these first few weeks. We're in the Gospel of Matthew this year and instead of reading it straight through, we're using specific texts to talk about different elements of worship... So far we've talked about peace and rest, scripture, and sacraments. We're looking forward to focusing on prayer this week and service the week

We're reeeally back now.

It's great to be back together dining and worshipping on Thursday nights. Coffees together have been great, too, but there's nothing like sharing a meal, and then singing and praying and laughing, and being together. I missed it all so much this summer! I'm also thrilled that we're in the book of Matthew this year... and using it to reflect on all of the different elements of worship... what makes up worship? What makes something worship at all, really?!? How is it any different from a baseball OR football game? (I mean, there is plenty of singing, and sitting down, and standing up, and saying specific prayers and other things at those, too.) We're looking forward to talking about it! Last a

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