The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s campus ministry serving college students and other young adults in Nashville has existed in some form or another for nearly 80 years. Formerly known as Westminster Fellowship, and then the Presbyterian Student Fellowship, "UKirk" (which means University Church) is proud to continue learning and serving in this vibrant city we call home.


We were established in 1938. And by 1952, four local churches cooperated in offering programs for students at the Westminster House near Vanderbilt. This isn’t unlike what we do today, fellowshipping near Belmont and Vanderbilt, with local churches sharing meals and worship with us! In 1970, the Presbyterian Center became known simply as the Center, housing not only Presbyterian, but other campus ministries, as well, foreshadowing UKirk’s ecumenical spirit in supporting the church universal. And in 1974, the Presbyterian Student Center, Inc., revised its charter, changing our name to Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Inc., which is still our non-profit 501(c)3 title. We no longer own any property, but use spaces near the universities, which gives us a physical presence and allows us to focus all of our resources on people.


UKirk Nashville receives no funding from the universities it serves, despite a growing population, and the increasing cost of doing ministry in Nashville. Our ability to serve and meet college students where they are depends on the generosity of the Synod of Living Waters, the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, local congregations, and individual donors. Please consider making a gift by clicking the Donate tab or consider attending and making a pledge at our annual Soul and Spirits fundraising event.

Every gift matters!

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