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UKirk Hurricane Helps

Hey there! Don't forget we're helping those affected by the recent hurricanes by taking up a collection of items for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (in addition to the offering we sent a couple weeks ago)... here's a list of items we're collecting. Please stick to the list since the folks at PDA are experts and know what's needed. We will pack these items up together on September 28th, during dinner and worship, and send them with our pals from First Presbyterian Church of Nashville!

-hand towels (approximately 16" x 28", no bath towels) -washcloths (UKirk will get a lot of the towels and washcloths, since they're harder to find) -wide-tooth combs -nail clippers -bars of soap (bath size in wrapper) -toothbrush (no toothpaste or brushes with paste, please, it expires... PDA will add fancy, longer living paste) -Band-Aids® or other adhesive bandage strips -1 gallon ziploc-type, clear, sealable bags (we'll pack everything up in these for shipment)

Hurricane Relief

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