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...second UKirk (we)blog!

We are really humming along with this weblog. Do you still not know what a weblog is? See previous post for explanation. Anyway... this week at coffees we talked about how people react to public tragedies (things like: natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and tragedies that are experienced by larger groups of people). The UKirk app was in the last few chapters of the Gospel of Mark, talking about Jesus' death, and we looked at that as a public tragedy and thought about how the way people reacted to that has reverberated all through history. At another coffee conversation this week we just chatted and read the prayer for the day. It was nice to catch up. The prayers we wrote together for the app last year should be up on the app soon, and that's exciting :) You can download the UKirk Daily App (what we use for coffees/devotionals) FREE from wherever you get apps.

At worship this week we did "overly dramatic" readings of scripture... so, we read through the Annunciation in Luke (where the angel tells Mary she's going to give birth to Jesus), several times, with different "actors" and "voices". It was funny... and, also, terrifying. When people rush through those verses, often at Christmas, we miss how scary it must've been to have an angel tell you you're pregnant. Personally, I prefer text messages. Lee also gave us some background on the Book of Amos, and he'll tell us more about it next week! #famous

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