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New semester, same UKirk! Weee'rrree baaack...

After a week of snow days and delays (a few of us did get to go to a great hockey game mid-snow-week, though, thanks to our friends at Trinity Church!), we were glad to be back together again for dinner and a brief chapel style worship, as is our custom, on Thursday nights... we're continuing in our study of Luke this year, and for the next several weeks, we will be focusing on parables, since there are several in Luke's Gospel.

We started with what is probably the most well-known parable... the parable of the Good Samaritan... and we talked about all the ways that we misunderstand the story, including the stereotypes different readers have added to various characters in the story. We tried to listen to the parable the way original listeners may have heard it, and it sounded like Jesus was calling us not to a single act of mercy, like stopping to help someone along the road, but to a life of mercy, to a journey of becoming merciful people who love their neighbors.

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