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Are you ready to miixxxtaaape?! If you don't know what we're talking about... we're making a massive playlist of songs that are meaningful to us (but preferably not praise and worship type songs, since the Gospel of Luke, which we've been reading this semester, blurs the lines between the secular and sacred--that's what we mean by meaningful here--it's sacred to you, but not necessarily in a sacred hymnal). All UKirkians may participate, including but not limited to: students, board members, past and present, alumni... and you can add up to TWO songs. We'll have a listening party on November 16th! Filling out the Google form below is easy... Name: Lindsey, Song: Let it Be, the Beatles, Why: We sang it at the first UKirk this year and it reminds me of when Mary is visited by Gabriel and hears about how she's going to be the Mother of God.

That's it! New playlist for everyone at the end. Thanks for the idea and legwork, Katherine! :)


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