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Time to Register for Montreat College Conference!

Looking for something to restore hope? How's about a little HOME?! #puntimes ...It's time to register for College Conference! The theme is Home. Click the pic for more info: there are a number of diverse speakers and fun times planned. But we can't register you with our group without at least a little of your cash in hand. The deposit is $150, most of which goes directly to Montreat to save your space at the conference... and the balance will be $100, which covers your meals and transportation (we can lower the cost if you aren't riding both ways with us, of course). UKirk covers your housing, and we know $250 is still a lot of money to come up with between now and finals (when final monies are due)... we can't take anyone for free, but we can take <75% off the total, if needed (no questions asked). Send me a note!

Montreat College Conference

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