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We're half way to somewhere.

It's hard to believe that we're nearly halfway through the semester, but here we are... most students are still able to go to a few classes on campus, and many students are still living on campus, under the new COVID-19 protocols that no longer feel new. We're really proud of the resilience of students, staff and faculty.

And we've kept humming along with our Thursday night Zoom worship and dinners. It's still so strange to not be meeting in person, but things are also very similar to how they've always been: students rush in from class or have to leave early for a test. We read a scripture, remember our baptisms, and discuss social justice issues. There are prayer requests for applications to graduate school, anxiety, isolation, and far away family members. This is oddly reassuring as we are beginning to know that next semester will probably look a lot more like this one than any spring semesters of the past. And we are so grateful for the support of our local churches and individuals who have a heart for young adults. Your compassion and continued contributions help us all to know the church is still at work!

As we hum through the rest of this semester, enjoy some of our worship music, now on our YouTube channel:


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