Gathering with Friends

The last couple weeks we’ve had the privilege of gathering with additional friends beyond our UKirk Nashville crew... we spent an evening with the Wesley Nashville groups (the Methodist student groups at Belmont and Vanderbilt), dining and discussing the sovereignty of God. We had big laughs and pondered big questions like what we believe about God’s “control”... where is God when “bad things” happen? It was especially neat to see where our Wesley friends meet and what they have been thinking about this semester... and we spent a fun night worshipping with our friends from UKirk at MTSU, discussing “doubting Thomas“. UKirk MTSU has been using the same “Unraveled” series we have this year, so it was interesting to hear about the scriptures and art pieces they’ve looked at together as we have. We look forward to seeing them again for a service project we’re doing in a few weeks!

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