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Climbing and Communion

After a couple weeks off for spring breaks, we returned to St. A's Chapel to talk about communion. One of my favorite things we do on communion nights is to push the inconveniently shaped round tables together to make one big table. We do this for many reasons, but one is to represent how the Lord's Supper is like one big table that we share with lots of people and that we continue to pull chairs up to...

We then moved into the chapel to talk about how climbing is kind of like communion. I shared about how I use climbing as a spiritual practice to help me be connected to my body and my mind, even when that's really hard. We then thought about other spiritual practices that we can do to practice feeling connected, and that led us to communion. Sometimes it is hard to feel connected to taking communion and sometimes we can get distracted or feel like we are just going through the motions. But if we keep practicing it, it gets easier and the next time might be the one where we really, deeply feel it.

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