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Continuing into Lent with potatoes and Latin...

This week after some lovely coffee conversations on Tuesday and Wednesday... following a baked potato bar dinner from our friends at Brenthaven Church... we worshipped together using the practice Lectio Divina (the Latin meaning something like "divine reading"). It's a way of reading and meditating on scripture that helps us to "get out of the way" and put the agendas of the day aside. We trust that the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writers of scripture, inspires us as readers. This is a great practice for Lent, but even more so whenever the words we're reading or the world around us doesn't make sense... You can practice at home by using the guide we used below. Remember to breathe and and not worry too much about understanding the whole text or coming up with a particular conclusion. Just see what happens. You might fall asleep. That's okay, too. Sometimes the Holy Spirit wants to give us a nap. Trust the scripture will be there when you wake up!


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