All and y'all are welcome here

...that's our way! But we're adapting many of our ways of welcome to promote public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic; 

find @ukirknashville on social media for the most up-to-date info!

UKirk Nashville is a community dedicated

to experiencing Christ on campuses through worship, service, and fellowship. We gather

regularly for chats over coffee, food, the study of scripture, asking hard questions, music, also food, and loving our neighbors, prayers, food, high fives, and great laughter.


We have an eight decades long history

here in Nashville, as a non-profit of the local Presbyterian churches. We are official student organizations at Vanderbilt and Belmont, and we welcome all and any in the area who'd like to join us, regardless of belief, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, status, university affiliation... or anything else!

What is UKirk?


UKirk is a place and time where all students and seekers can be at home,

whether you're a lifelong Presbyterian, aren't even sure what that means, or have real doubts about faith and the church, we extend hospitality to all who join us in worship, which always includes a meal on Thursday nights.


Cultivating an awareness of our neighbors is one way of connecting with God in daily life. Through local serving opportunities, receiving offerings, and further understanding the 

church universal, UKirk encourages everyone to experience both giving and receiving faithful and loving Christian service.


Our weekly fellowship is really what makes us... "UKirk"... Like our funny Scottish name, meaning University Church #ukirk, implies: we want to share life, and do life, together, as a community. Join us for coffee or a meal. See the events tab above or follow us on social media for more information!